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October, 2023

China’s ‘blue dragon’ strategy in the Indo-Pacific | The Strategist

China is advancing its ‘blue dragon’ strategy to compete with the US and undermine President Joe Biden’s Indo-Pacific policy. The plan targets three bodies of water in the Indo-Pacific region and major river systems in Southeast and South Asia. Despite Washington’s public denial of a containment policy against China, the US continues its global spy operations and has increased its defensive military posture in the Indo-Pacific.

September, 2023

China’s illegal fishing fleet at Iroquois Reef in the West Philippine Sea | SeaLight

17 September 2023 satellite images of China’s illegal fishing fleet at Iroquois Reef, deep within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone. Approximately 35 vessels are visible. The Armed Forces of the Philippines recently released evidence that destructive Chinese fishing practices were destroying this reef.

August, 2023

Blue Security Issue 3 “Fair Winds and Following Seas: Maritime Security & Hedging in the South China Sea” | Blue Security

The Blue Security Program engages with and facilitates high quality research on issues of critical maritime security across the Indo-Pacific. Bringing together leading regional experts in politics, international law and strategic studies, Blue Security focuses on three key pillars of maritime security: order, law and power.

August, 2023

The South China Sea talks between ASEAN and China | IISS

The slow-moving South China Sea Code of Conduct process has worked to China’s benefit, particularly as Southeast Asian states have made little progress on resolving important underlying disputes over maritime boundaries. 

August, 2023

Ease Tensions in the South China Sea by Adopting Cooperative Mechanisms | RANE & SCSNW

The recent altercation in the South China Sea between Chinese vessels and Philippine ships underscores the urgent need for science diplomacy and competition in fisheries management to bring clam to the tense waters, Rodger Baker of the Stratfor Center for Applied Geopolitics at RANE and James Borton of the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins argue. 

October, 2022

A RAND Research Primer “The Political Geography of the South China Sea Disputes” | Rand

The South China Sea disputes are multifaceted and have significant geopolitical implications. The complex nature of these disputes requires careful analysis and understanding of the political geography, historical context, and legal aspects involved.

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