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October, 2023

The Case for Joint Patrols in the South China Sea | Geopolitical Monitor

Philippines-China relations are deteriorating with every passing month, and the October 22 collisions attest to that. The incidents can either be viewed as proof that the Philippines urgently needs diplomacy with China or, perhaps, to begin employing “diplomacy by other means.” Philippine Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro Jr. has lost all hope in the former option, saying that Beijing’s diplomatic outreach to Manila is “all for a show”; instead, he favors consulting with allies and partners to conduct multilateral joint patrols in the West Philippine Sea with the hope of altering Chinese behavior.

October, 2023

Speak its name: Blockade | SeaLight

A country that carries out an illegal, aggressive, unilateral blockade against a smaller country’s outpost–within that country’s internationally recognized exclusive economic zone–deserves to be treated as an outlaw and a pariah on the international stage. That starts with calling it by its name.

September, 2023

Storm in a Shoal: Philippines and China spar again in the South China Sea | TCSS

Given the deteriorating state of BRP Sierra Madre, the current situation is unsustainable and a new path must soon be forged. President Marcos faces challenging times as he will need to navigate between both Chinese aggression and a vocal domestic cohort that is looking for him to assert Philippine territorial integrity.

September, 2023

US-Vietnam Relations: From Bitter Enemies to Strategic Partners | Geopolitical Monitor

Vietnam and the United States have finally arrived at a new higher level of bilateral relationship after a protracted and difficult journey through a complicated history of conflict and cooperation. In order to strengthen strategic interests for peace, stability, and prosperity for both sides, and promote a rules-based international order, President Joe Biden and General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong reached a historic accord to upgrade the bilateral relationship between the two countries in a two-day visit by President Biden to Hanoi on September 10-11. 

July, 2023

Where Is Vietnam on the Sino-U.S. Spectrum? | CSIS

Vietnam, like other Southeast Asian countries, does not want to align with either side in the growing competition between China and the United States but instead navigate between the two powers to pursue its own interests. The author argues that Vietnam remains closer to China and will move slowly in building stronger ties with the United States. 

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