South China Sea NewsWire Advisory Board

Carlyle Thayer is Emeritus Professor at The University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra and Director of Thayer Consultancy, a small business registered in Australia.
Lucio Blanco Pitlo III is a foreign policy and security analyst specializing on Southeast Asian affairs, maritime security, connectivity and great power competition in the region.
Ray Powell is the Director of SeaLight, a maritime transparency initiative of the Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation at Stanford University. He retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2021 after 35 years, including postings as the Air Attaché to Vietnam and Senior Defense Official/Defense Attaché to Australia.
Sumathy Permal is a Senior Researcher with the Centre for the Straits of Malacca at the Maritime Institute of Malaysia. Her current focus is on strategic and defense issues in the South China Sea and the Strait of Malacca.
Professor Dr. Yann-huei Song obtained his LL.M. and J.S.D degrees from U.C. Berkeley, the United States and Ph.D. degree from Kent State University , Kent, Ohio, the United States. He was a research fellow at the Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan (1993-2021). His research areas include the international law of the sea and national ocean policy. He is now a board member of the Chinese Society of International Law (Taiwan) and the R.O.C. Association for Ocean Policy and Maritime Affairs. He had participated in the Indonesian-hosted Informal Workshop on Managing Potential Conflicts in the South China Sea and visited 7 times of the largest naturally-formed island — Taiping Island (Itu Aba) — of the Spratly archipelago.


South China Sea NewsWire Staff

James Borton is a senior fellow at Johns Hopkins/SAIS Foreign Policy Institute and the author of Dispatches from the South China Sea: Navigating to Common Ground. He contributes opinions for The Washington Times, Asia Times, Asia Global Online, Geopolitical Monitor, East Asia Forum and the South China Morning Post. James is Editor-in-Chief of the South China Sea NewsWire.
David Hessen is a recent graduate from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), where he studied U.S. national security strategy and U.S.-Asian relations. He has previous work experience at several Washington, DC think tanks, non-profits, and government relations firms. David is the Managing Editor of the South China Sea NewsWire.
Caleb Mills is a Research Assistant at Purdue University studying International Relations. He interned at Vanderbilt’s Latin American Public Opinion Project, where he extensively studied Latin American political instability, specifically the phenomena of Autogolpes and democratic backsliding. In addition, he regularly contributes to both the Geopolitical Monitor and Political Animal Magazine. Caleb is a Research Associate at the South China Sea NewsWire.

South China Sea NewsWire Contributing Researchers

Benjamin Blandin has been working as a consultant in strategy and innovation for 15 years in both industry and consulting firms. He holds an MA in strategy consulting from EM Lyon (France), an MA in Geopolitics from the French Institute of Geopolitics and graduated from the Paris Military Academy (maritime strategy program). He is conducting a PhD in geopolitics focusing on the phenomena of AZAD, hybrid warfare and grey area techniques in the South China Sea. Benjamin is a Senior Contributing Researcher at the South China Sea NewsWire.
Collin Koh is a senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, based at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and a contributing researcher for the South China Sea NewsWire.