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28 September, 2023

Asian Territorial and Maritime Disputes: A Critical Introduction

by Moises de Souza, Gregory Coutaz, and Dean Karalekas

This volume is designed to be a practical, yet critical, introduction to the main maritime and territorial disputes in the Indo-Pacific region. With a team of contributors made up of both senior and early-career scholars, diplomats, and legal specialists, the book provides a wide range of insights that go beyond what is provided in the media.

27 June, 2023

Dispatches from the South China Sea: Navigating to Common Ground

by James Borton

This book’s blend of participatory research and field reportage paves the way for a transformation of policy and provides a basis for the eventual resolution of some of today’s major maritime conflicts.

26 June, 2023

On Dangerous Ground: America’s Century in the South China Sea

by Gregory Poling

The author’s sweeping and comprehensive understanding of American policy offers insightful understanding of all the various claimant nations issues in the contested waters since the nineteenth century.

25 June, 2023

Raging Waters in the South China Sea

by Rachel A. Winston and Ishika Sachdeva

In this book the two authors succinctly offer analysis on what’s at stake in this region and graphically document the region with charts, graphs and maps.

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