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SCSNW Advisor Ray Powell Targeted by Chinese State Media | SCSNW

On May 15, 2024, CGTN’s “The Point” television program aired a segment attacking SCSNW Advisory Board Member Ray Powell, claiming that he is an agitator paid by the United States government to attack China’s actions in the South China Sea. The shocking incident is another instance of Chinese state media targeting overseas commentators who disagree with Beijing’s official narratives.


An Exclusive Interview With Lucio Blanco Pitlo III | James Borton

SCSNW Editor-in-Chief James Borton interviews Lucio Blanco Pitlo III, a Southeast Asia foreign policy and security analyst and a member of the South China Sea NewsWire Advisory Board, on the relationships between the Philippines and other partners such as the United States and Vietnam as well as recent steps Manila has taken to shore up its regional defense agreements.


An Exclusive Interview With Ray Powell | James Borton

SCSNW Editor-in-Chief James Borton interviews Ray Powell, the Director of SeaLight and a member of the South China Sea NewsWire Advisory Board, on gray zone activities in the South China Sea, what some states like the Philippines have done in response, and how SeaLight and the United States fit into countering those activities.


Vietnam’s national interest remains the East Sea | Hanh Thi Hong Dau

Contributing author Hanh Thi Hong Dau delves into the national interests of Vietnam in both the South China Sea (or East Sea in Vietnam) and the Mekong River Delta. She explores Hanoi’s interests in these regions, expressed through national sovereignty and economic development, before considering if Hanoi has changed its priorities by favoring one region over the other.


Towards Safer Harbors? Manila and Tokyo Make Moves to Counter Beijing’s Saber-Rattling | David Hessen

Managing Editor David Hessen examines a growing number of actions taken by both the Philippines and Japan to shore up ties with the United States and each other in the face of consistent Chinese saber-rattling in the South China Sea. The author then explores the strategic thinking behind some of these moves and what other steps they may eventually lead to.


The Blue Economy: Problems & Potentials in the South China Sea | Sumathy Permal & Cheryl Rita Kaur

In this article, Sumathy Permal and Cheryl Rita Kaur examine just what is a “Blue Economy” conceptually, what economic sectors it incorporates, and the potential benefits for a nation to develop its blue economy. They then discuss what Malaysia specifically has done to advance its blue economy before considering what steps Malaysia must take to keep that blue economy successful.

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