The South China Sea NewsWire is pleased to offer the opportunity for subject matter experts, commentators, and the general public to submit original researched articles. Please refer to the information below as you prepare your research and any documents prior to submission.

Article guidelines:
• Please keep your draft to between 600 and 900 words;
• All submissions must include a pithy title of no more than 15 words;
• Please break your article into paragraphs or sections. If you use section headings, please do not use introduction or conclusion as headings;
• Please reference all sources by using embedded hyperlinks – we will not use footnotes or endnotes;
• Pictures, tables, charts, or other images will not be published;
• Use standard American English in your writing;
• Write using straightforward language and active sentences;
• Please define acronyms the first time they are used, unless they are commonly understood (e.g., the United States, U.S.);
• Your introduction should communicate the topic and argument of your piece clearly and quickly;
• Include a brief bio and any social media handles you want highlighted when you submit your article;
• Your article must be well-researched, factual, and non-defamatory; and
• The submission must be your own work in full. If you partnered with others, the work must be written only by the authors listed. The work must be original and not published anywhere else (if it is, it will either be rejected or placed into our Reposted articles category).

How to submit:
• Email your article as a .doc or .docx file to with “Submission” and the title of your article written in the subject field.

The editorial process:
• All articles are reviewed by the Managing Editor and the Editor-in-Chief to ensure their suitability and quality. After the first round of review, you will receive suggestions and comments from the editors for feedback and further edits. Any final draft will be approved before publication online.
• The published article will always remain your property and can be withdrawn at any point.
• We reserve the right to remove any article, for any reason, at any time from the South China Sea NewsWire.