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Vietnam, Japan Expected to Deepen Ties as China Concerns Grow

30 October, 2023

Vietnam and Japan are poised to elevate their diplomatic ties to the highest level, a move analysts say highlights the two countries’ growing concern over China’s assertive behavior in the region.


The ongoing military overhaul of China’s PLA has one goal in mind—Taiwan

30 October, 2023

Soon after President Xi Jinping took command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), he initiated the most significant reorganization of the world’s greatest fighting force in decades. The restructuring, which began in 2015, aimed to shift China’s military away from a Soviet-style, army-oriented structure and toward one more suited to joint operations, similar to the US model.


As the world looks elsewhere, China stirs trouble in the South China Sea

25 October, 2023

China is causing havoc in the South China Sea once more, this time while battles simmer in Gaza and Ukraine. The precise timing of China’s operations in the South China Sea definitely reflects both short-term and long-term imperatives, but the general trend is concerning. There’s some truth to US Vice President Joe Biden’s warning last week that “conflict and chaos could spread [to]…the Indo-Pacific.”


Philippines say Chinese boats rammed vessels in disputed waters

22 October, 2023

A Chinese coast guard ship and an escorting vessel hit a Philippine coast guard ship and a military run supply boat of a disputed shoal on Sunday, according to Philippine officials, heightening worries of an armed war in the disputed South China Sea.


Philippines in historic US-backed military base expansion

14 October, 2023

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is enhancing military cooperation with the US, putting the country on a collision course with China in the South China Sea, according to a report by the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative.


Australia must act fast on joint patrols with the Philippines

13 October, 2023

Philippines Foreign Affairs Secretary Enrique Manalo and Australian counterpart Penny Wong discussed the West Philippines Sea and South China Sea, highlighting the ongoing danger from China’s aggressive behavior. Tensions between the two countries have increased since August, and Manalo suggested Australia should operationalize its commitment to joint patrols with the Philippines, despite potential impact on its relationship with China.


Locsin sees Chinese vessels harassing PH ships up close

7 October, 2023

During the current week, a warship from the Chinese Navy engaged in surveillance activities targeting the BRP Sindangan (MRRV-4407), which is one of the two vessels belonging to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) assigned to accompany Filipino boats transporting provisions to a minor military outpost situated near Ayungin (Second Thomas) Shoal.


3 Filipino fishermen die near Scarborough Shoal after being hit by foreign oil tanker

4 October, 2023

The fishermen died after their boat was hit by an oil tanker registered under the Marshall Islands’ flag, the Philippine coastguard said on Wednesday. It said the incident occurred about 160km from Scarborough Shoal on Monday and that 11 crew members had survived the sinking.