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China Withdraws East China Sea Rig Movement Plan That Might Have Been in Japan’s EEZ

22 September, 2023

China’s Maritime Safety Administration on Thursday withdrew an earlier announcement that equipment used for extracting resources such as natural gas would be moved within the East China Sea. According to Japanese government sources, this location was on Japan’s side of the Japan-China median line in waters northeast of the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture.


China sees ‘Cold War mentality’ in US-Vietnam pact, Vietnamese disagree

16 September, 2023

Pulled in opposite directions by Washington and Beijing, everyday Vietnamese people say staying neutral is best.


U.S. upgrades Vietnam ties as Biden blasts China for ‘changing rules’

11 September, 2023

U.S. President Joe Biden denied trying to “hurt” China as he upgraded ties with Vietnam on Sunday, seeking to boost trade while navigating a thicket of challenges from human rights to climate and geoeconomic competition.


Chinese scientists mark tech first with underwater survey near South China Sea’s Scarborough Shoal

11 September, 2023

‘Entirely home-grown technology’ used as Chinese marine geologists explore 100km stretch along disputed Scarborough Shoal. Made in China devices not only cheaper but seen as capable of evading technological sanctions as the US and its allies step up containment drive.


U.S.-China rivalry dominates ASEAN talks as summits wrap up

8 September, 2023

Concerns about geopolitical rivalries overshadowed three days of meetings this week between top officials and leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and its global partners, with this year’s chair Indonesia calling on world leaders to step back from confrontation.


ASEAN risks irrelevance from ‘damaging’ non-response to tensions

6 September, 2023

With ASEAN centrality at stake, it would be a ‘huge miss’ if the bloc does not even issue a statement to uphold international law, observers say. Conflicting claims and a reluctance to ‘stick their necks out’ against China are seen as among the reasons for a lack of a unified ASEAN stance.


China’s Claim on the South China Sea: How Many Dashes Make a Line?

6 September, 2023

China’s recent release of a new “standard” map of the South China Sea by the Ministry of Natural Resources has provoked some negative reactions from China’s neighbors. The map, which was released on 28 August, included a dashed line encircling large parts of the South China Sea.


Philippines, US navies hold South China Sea sail

4 September, 2023

Naval vessels from the Philippines and United States conducted a joint sail through areas of the South China Sea within the Southeast Asian nation’s exclusive economic zone, the Philippine military said on Monday. It was the first time Manila and Washington carried out a joint sail in waters west of Palawan island, the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Western Command said in a statement.