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China’s Claim on the South China Sea: How Many Dashes Make a Line?

6 September, 2023

China’s recent release of a new “standard” map of the South China Sea by the Ministry of Natural Resources has provoked some negative reactions from China’s neighbors. The map, which was released on 28 August, included a dashed line encircling large parts of the South China Sea.


Philippines, US navies hold South China Sea sail

4 September, 2023

Naval vessels from the Philippines and United States conducted a joint sail through areas of the South China Sea within the Southeast Asian nation’s exclusive economic zone, the Philippine military said on Monday. It was the first time Manila and Washington carried out a joint sail in waters west of Palawan island, the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Western Command said in a statement.


Vietnam Opposes New China Map Claiming South China Sea Islands

31 August, 2023

Vietnam said China’s official map released this week violates its sovereignty over the Spratly and Paracel Islands and jurisdiction over its waters, according to a statement posted on the nation’s government news website. China’s sovereignty and maritime claims based on the nine-dotted line on the map are “invalid,” said the statement.


Indonesia’s ‘significant’ South China Sea comments not a sign of ‘nascent alliance’ with US

31 August, 2023

Indonesia’s joint statement with the US on the South China Sea is seen as a move to increase support for Southeast Asian claimants, analysts say. The ‘important and necessary’ statement is also a significant shift from Indonesia’s previous neutral stance on the territorial dispute.


US given OK to enforce maritime law around Palau as Washington vies with China for Pacific influence

29 August, 2023

The United States has signed a new agreement with Palau, which gives Coast Guard ships the authorization to unilaterally enforce maritime regulations in the tiny Pacific island nation’s exclusive economic zone.


China warns of external influence ahead of South China Sea code of conduct talks

20 August, 2023

Beijing is willing to speed up talks with ASEAN on a long-delayed South China Sea code of conduct, the Chinese foreign minister said on the weekend while warning against external interference in the region.


ONGC Videsh secures 3-year extension for Vietnamese oil block in South China Sea

20 August, 2023

India’s ONGC Videsh Ltd (OVL) has secured another three-year extension to explore oil and gas in a Vietnamese block in the contested waters of the South China Sea. This is the eighth extension for OVL, the overseas arm of state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).


U.S., Japan and Australia to hold joint drills as tensions rise in South China Sea

18 August, 2023

The U.S., Japan and Australia will hold joint naval drills on Wednesday as tensions rise in the South China Sea. Japan’s defense ministry has scrambled fighter jets in response to two Russian spy planes that it has identified flying back and forth between the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea, as well as Russian and Chinese warships conducting joint maritime patrols in the Pacific Ocean.


US, Japan and South Korea to deepen security ties to deter China

16 August, 2023

The US, Japan and South Korea are set to create a leader-level hotline and hold annual joint military exercises as part of a historic trilateral agreement to help Washington and its Asian allies boost deterrence against North Korea and China. The leaders will unveil a broad set of “Camp David principles” as well as a document laying out co-operation on security.


Philippines told to start drilling oil at Reed Bank amid rising tensions

15 August, 2023

A former Philippines Supreme Court justice on Tuesday renewed his call for the Philippines to start oil exploration at Reed Bank in the South China Sea in an area of almost 9,000 square kilometers amid China’s alleged muscle-flexing.


US and China spar over Philippine shipwreck-turned-military outpost

9 August, 2023

The South China Sea remains a serious potential flashpoint between China and Southeast Asian countries. The Philippines President, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., is now increasingly accusing China of aggression.


Philippines says China used a water-cannon on boat in South China Sea

6 August, 2023

The Philippines has accused China’s coastguard of using a water cannon to block a Philippine military supply boat in the South China Sea. The confrontation occurred near the Second Thomas Shoal, a submerged reef where a handful of its troops live on a rusty World War II-era ship that was intentionally grounded in 1999.


Philippine Senate Passes Resolution Condemning Beijing’s South China Sea ‘Incursions’

2 August, 2023

The Philippine Senate has unanimously voted unanimously to adopt a resolution condemning China for its “continued harassment” of Filipino fishermen and “incursions” into Philippine-claimed waters in the contested South China Sea. The resolution also urged President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to take appropriate action in asserting and securing the country’s sovereign rights, initially through dialogue with Beijing.


China Is Testing How Hard It Can Push in the South China Sea Before Someone Pushes Back

1 August, 2023

Experts say China is trying to provoke a military response from opposing claimants in the South China Sea, but so far none of the nations involved have militarily engaged with China over the issue. China is also trying to avoid becoming the first one to fire a shot.


China’s ‘blue dragon’ strategy in the Indo-Pacific | The Strategist
China is advancing its ‘blue dragon’ strategy to compete with the US and undermine President Joe Biden’s Indo-Pacific policy. The plan targets three bodies of water in the Indo-Pacific region and major river systems in Southeast and South Asia. Despite Washington’s public denial of a containment policy against China, the US continues its global spy operations and has increased its defensive military posture in the Indo-Pacific.


Philippines-China relations are deteriorating with every passing month, and the October 22 collisions attest to that. The incidents can either be viewed as proof that the Philippines urgently needs diplomacy with China or, perhaps, to begin employing “diplomacy by other means.” Philippine Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro Jr. has lost all hope in the former option, saying that Beijing’s diplomatic outreach to Manila is “all for a show”; instead, he favors consulting with allies and partners to conduct multilateral joint patrols in the West Philippine Sea with the hope of altering Chinese behavior.


This episode of the Ke Kumu podcast by the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies features Dr. Alexander Vuving, who discusses conflicts in the South China Sea.

This episode of Asia Unscripted from the US-Asia Institute features James Borton and Rodger Baker, the co-authors of the South China Sea Maritime Survey, a survey that aims to “underscore the urgency to examine the benefits and prospects of science-led initiatives in light of the unfolding climate and ecological changes occurring in the region.”


Philippine Coast Guard releases video of sea collisions


CSIS hosts Thirteenth Annual South China Sea Conference

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Dispatches from the South China Sea: Navigating to Common Ground by James Borton This book’s blend of participatory research and field reportage paves the way for a transformation of policy and provides a basis for the eventual resolution of some of today’s major maritime conflicts.

On Dangerous Ground: America’s Century in the South China Sea by Gregory Poling The author’s weeping and comprehensive understanding of America policy offers insightful understanding of all the various claimant nations issues in the contested waters since the nineteenth century.

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